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The identification of personal values and the development of personal visioning skills are always highlights of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.  However, as articulating organizational values and vision are fundamental to building a robust and healthy culture, a gap often exists in making explicit links between individual and group understanding of these fundamental concepts.  In this interactive session, we demonstrated how to better connect personal fluency to a coherent set of organizational values and vision.  We shared examples from the field as well as practical tools to put these links into action in any organization.

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Dan Schwab

Dan Schwab
Dan began working with authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in the early days of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and is now a Certified Master.  An accomplished leadership trainer and coach, Dan has led organizational improvement efforts with myriad clients from the corporate and non- profit sectors over the past 20 years. Dan can be reached at



Evans Kerrigan
Evans is an experienced facilitator and trainer with over 20 years working with leaders across a range of industries.  He helps clients become Healthier Organizations by applying The Five Practices with individual leaders as well as working with those leaders to see how they can apply the model more broadly to their organizational culture. He is a Certified-Master-in-Training. Evans can be reached at



Integris Performance Advisors

Integris Performance Advisors

06/21/2015 News & Ideas
06/21/2015 | News & Ideas


TRUST. PASSION. SERVICE. These our organizational values. As you interact with us, it will be our goal to build collaborative, trust-based relationships, where every member of our team blends passion and expertise to serve your desire to build a healthy organization!


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