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The Roadmap to Achieving a Lean Culture

By blending concepts of Leadership, Teamwork and Operational Excellence, Integris created The Roadmap for Achieving Lean Culture. This white paper is designed to help state agencies and municipalities plan comprehensive strategies for improving organizational performance and providing greater value to all Washingtonians. The Roadmap is available for download:
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Lessons in Leadership

Brett Cooper and Dan Schwab from Integris presented Achieving Lean Culture to Washington's senior leaders in February 2013:

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2014 Presentations

Lean Culture: What is it? Why do we want it? How do we get it?

Presenter:  Brett Cooper, Managing Partner, Integris Performance Advisors

Description: Over the past few years, Washington State has had great success with Lean. Hundreds of projects have delivered wonderful results, and awareness of the tools and techniques are higher than ever. Now is the time to take our collective efforts to the proverbial "next level." But how do we move beyond tools and projects, and into the realm of instituting a sustainable cultural shift? The term we’ve been hearing is “Lean Culture.” But what exactly is a “Lean Culture?” And how do we get it? During this fast-paced and interactive session, we will explore a proven framework, based on the Shingo model of operational excellence, that explains that Lean Culture takes shape as organizations become more mature across four interconnected dimensions: Customer- Focused Results, Enterprise Alignment, Continuous Improvement and Leadership Throughout the Organization. From this session, employees at all levels of State government will gain both a holistic understanding of what their agencies must do to achieve Lean Culture, as well as a renewed focus on the personal ownership they must take to ensure success.


The Six Critical Questions For Driving Enterprise Alignment & Lean Culture

Presenter:  Tracy O'Rourke, Managing Partner, Integris Performance Advisors

Description: Every organization has a “System of Management,” whether it is intentionally designed or generated spontaneously and organically. We know from Lean that all processes include waste and inefficiency. Management processes are no different.

During this session we will review the Six Critical Questions every organization must answer, and will present an easy-to-use framework for how each question can be addressed.

1. Who are we and where are we going as an organization?
2. How do we measure our performance against what is important?
3. How are we doing?
4. How do we decide where to focus our efforts and allocate resources?
5. What actions do we take to improve our ability to achieve our desired outcomes?
6. How do we sustain improvements and ensure our efforts are making an impact?


Visit the Washington Lean Transformation Conference website.


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