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Event Coverage: The Leadership Challenge Forum 2013

Thank you from Integris Performance Advisors and Wiley!



The Leadership Challenge Forum 2013, presented by Wiley and sponsored in part by Integris Performance Advisors, was both an exciting and enlightening event! We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended from all over the world for joining us at The Four Seasons in Scottsdale, Arizona last week.

Photos from The Leadership Challenge Forum 2013


Opening Keynote with Jim Kouzes


Opening Keynote with Barry Posner


Breakout Session: Brett Cooper & Dan Schwab on Employee Engagement and Leadership


Breakout Session: Brett Cooper on Employee Engagement and Leadership


Book Signing: Evans Kerrigan, Tracy O'Rourke and Brett Cooper with Jim and Barry


The Integris Team


Samantha Kerrigan
Samantha Kerrigan
IMPACT Leadership Summit Feature Box