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The Journey Continues for The Department of Veteran Affairs

Welcome to a voyage of discovery!

The Journey ContinuesWe are so pleased that you joined your colleagues from the Department of Veteran Affairs for our program Lean Culture & The Role of Leadership! In our day together we set the foundation for your understanding of what Lean Culture is all about. And we established that your ongoing development as a leader is vital to creating momentum for positive change in how government operates.

Our mission at Integris is to build healthy organizations and great places to work. We know that learning about anything - from tennis to leadership - is enhanced by regular, thoughtful and directed reinforcement and application.

We now invite you to a full year of follow-up activities designed to further enhance your knowledge, your practice and your effectiveness in being even more able to leade right where you are. We are excited that you will be embarking on this journey with us!

Our year together will consist of the following elements, many of them designed to be self-directed and available to you 24/7.

Program Structure & Webinar Calender

After completing the 360 LPI® assessment and joining the one-day Lean Culture & The Role of Leadership workshop, participants will hone their new leadership skills through on-the-job application, individual and small group exercises, and a series of seven interactive webinars.

To conclude the Full Experience, participants will complete a follow-on 360 LPI assessment, which will help to measure the personal growth that has occurred throughout the program year. During the final interactive webinar, participants will review the results of their follow-on assessment, and will discuss how they can each continue their personal journey to becoming the most effective leader possible.

Click here to access full program structure & calendar 

"Learning Pod" activities

Now that you have attended the live program, we will set you up in groups of four-to-six to initiate discussions and inspire one another to continue learning. You of course will be welcome to get together with your "podmates" in person if you choose, but the program activities are all designed to be convenient for virtual interaction. We will set you up with others from the programs and you can get going!

Click here to access learning pod activities

Activities for Individual Discovery

Want to accelerate your own leadership journey? We have designed a wide range of activities with your personal development in mind. Whether you have a few minutes to spend or are looking for more substantial activities, there's an activity for you!

Click here to access individual discovery activities

Links to resources

Looking for a book, article or web link to enhance your leadership knowledge? We have assembled an impressive array of resources for you!

Click here to access the resource page

A retest of the Leadership Practices Inventory

As a reminder, we will be offering you a retest of your Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessment early in 2015. By comparing the results of your first assessment with the second, you will see exactly where you've made progress...and will identify growth opportunities for the next 12 months!

Click here to learn more about the LPI and the research behind it

Results Washington

Washington has long been a national leader in adapting proven private-sector methods and tools to measure and improve state government performance. For the past eight years, tools such as the Government Management Accountability and Performance (GMAP) program and Lean process improvement tools and techniques have been used to improve individual state agency performance.

The state is now poised to launch Results Washington, a new system combining the best aspects of GMAP with a significantly expanded Lean initiative that involves all state agencies. Results Washington will use the latest technology to routinely gather, review and display performance data which will make it easier for citizens to see for themselves how well state government and its many partners — such as school
districts, local governments and community organizations — are delivering services and meeting key performance goals.

Click here to visit Result Washington's website to learn more

Lean Practitioner Community of Practice

Washington state government's Lean Practitioner Community of Practice (LPCoP) is open to all Washington state government employees – from novice to expert – who are practicing and interested in Lean. The LPCoP helps people connect and engage in dialogue about the application of Lean to state government operations.

Join the LPCoP listserv

This listserv will allow you to find out more about LPCoP meetings, trainings, articles and other opportunities to build your capacity to apply Lean thinking and tools.


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