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Developing Meaningful Individual Development Plans for Supervisors and Managers Using LPI® Feedback


Presentation Overview 

Serving as the largest county in Washington state, King County includes an invaluable number of agencies and resources for its citizens. Norm Alberg, Division Director for Records and Licensing Services, along with his team have done ground-breaking work recently by developing an in-depth approach to structuring “meaningful individual development plans” based on LPI feedback.  Tom Pearce, Certified Master, worked with Norm’s team to help each team member get focused on writing a very specific Individual Development Plan which will guide their development over the next 12-18 months.

During this session, Norm and Tom described the process used to help leaders understand the best way to solicit LPI feedback and then how to use that feedback to craft a purposeful individual development plan.  This entertaining and engaging session featured a unique perspective on the use of the LPI feedback as a tool for developing IDPs.

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Norm Alberg
Division Director for Records and Licensing Services, King County. Norm has a 30 year career in a  leading a variety of technical and engineering organizations, and over 17 years of Executive leadership experience in both the public and private sector.  Norm has worked at King County for five years, the last 3 years leading the RALS division.  Prior to King County, Norm worked at Starbucks, has also worked as a Management Consultant, as well as worked for Washington State, Seattle City Light and the City of Seattle.



Tom Pearce
Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge, Tom has deep experience working with organizations around the world to develop better leaders and stronger teams.  Tom has an MBA from Duke University along with 16 years of corporate experience working with ARCO and Mobil in Dubai, Nigeria, Indonesia, China, the UK, and Canada.

Samantha Kerrigan
Samantha Kerrigan
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