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Presentation Overview:

In this session we engaged participants in ways to fully leverage the LPI® to drive behavior change in workshop participants and culture change in the organizations they lead. Beyond interpretation of the results, themes, and development plans, we explored techniques to go deeper with individuals.  In addition to sharing our own insights and experience, we facilitated table discussions and best practice sharing on topics such as powerful questions, tapping into genuine motivation, dealing with resistance, and ways to reinforce behavior change.


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Amy Dunn
A Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master In Training of The Leadership Challenge, Amy is a member of Integris Performance Advisor’s consulting team. She focuses on Leadership Challenge facilitation, LPI coaching, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Talent Management, and meeting design and facilitation.  Amy’s greatest professional joy comes from optimizing talent – within individuals, teams, and organizations.  Amy can be reached at



Renee Harness
Founder of Harness Leadership, Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, key developer of LPI® Coach Certificate Program and a member of Integris Performance Advisor's consulting team, Renee works with leaders at every level of an organization. Her goal is to engage, inspire, and involve people in making meaningful contributions to their work, their communities, and their worlds. Renee can be reached at

Samantha Kerrigan
Samantha Kerrigan
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