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What makes Everything DiSC® stand apart from the crowd

Burn the Popcorn: Stop Traditional Brainstorming

Your process improvement effort is going splendidly. You flow charted, collected data, determined root cause and, now, you finally get to discuss solutions. Sometimes the solutions are obvious. It doesn’t take hours of brainstorming to understand that Standard Work might be a good place to start whe...

The Power of Vision

By Elise Sinha, Jennifer Lewis and Evans Kerrigan

A Deeper Definition and Expectation of Trust

Trust is important in all human relationships. This is especially true in business where we may not have personal trust-based relationships as we do with our close friends and family.  While we can all agree that it is important, we frequently define trust in different ways. The varying definitions ...

Off to a Great Start: Financial Services Success Story

I was working with a mid-size client in the financial services arena recently and coached several project teams that helped an organization get improvements executed early in their journey toward continuous improvement.

Exemplary Leadership Transforms Nursing Leaders at Presence Health

Using a proven, evidence-based approach to leadership—in the form of The Leadership Challenge--Presence Health is inspiring its nursing leaders to strengthen partnerships, value contributions, and create innovative solutions that are transforming the  culture of the entire organization.

Three Pennies of Encouragement

“I use three pennies to help me practice encouragement,” said Ravi, an Executive Financial Leader in a Leadership Challenge refresher program I was teaching last week.  “When I get into work, I set three pennies on the left side of my computer. During the day, I look for opportunities to recognize, ...

Unlisted: Discarded facilitation tools and techniques

This is the “Unlist.” As a facilitator and Lean Six Sigma practitioner, I’m often asked about my favorite tools. But I am rarely asked about my least favorites or those I no longer use. That’s what this list is – three things I’ve tried and discarded from the tool belt. They are “unlisted.”

You Can, Even if Management Won’t

 “But my [ fill in the blank with “manager”, “leadership”, “management”, etc ] doesn’t support it.”

An interview with Congress

The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence was created 25 years ago by the federal government to recognize excellence in business. In its history, many high profile organizations (or divisions of them) have won this rigorous award, including Ritz Carlton, Motorola, FedEx, Boeing, Caterpillar, ...

a New Culture in Government Services

By Evans Kerrigan,Tom Pearce, and Meghan Pedersen

King County & Integris featured in ASQ Lean Enterprise Division newsletter

Serving as the largest county in Washington state, King County found its Finance and Business Operations Division (FBOD) in an organizational structure where people and budgets ran vertically and processes ran horizontally. To help overcome this they worked with Integris as well as internally. Read ...

The Four Dimensions of Lean Culture™ - Customer-Focused Purpose

Understanding Customer Expectations and Satisfaction Ultimately, government agencies and other organizations exist to serve one or more customer needs. This is an organization’s purpose. Delivering value to the customer – which for government can take many forms – is one of the most important princi...

The Four Dimensions of Lean Culture™ - Continuous Improvement

Defining Continuous Improvement Continuous Process Improvement (CI) has many definitions. Some people narrowly refer to CI as a set of tools for improving how work gets done. Others prefer a more broad description, defining CI as a philosophy that enables organizations to deliver maximum value to cu...

Program Schedule for Lean Culture & the Role of Leadership - The Full Experience

Program Structure & Webinar Calendar: Integris is happy to invite you to a series of webinar programs in the coming months designed to enhance your leadership skills and enable interaction between more people in the group.  Look below for a description of each program, and the link to register.

EVENT: The Leadership Challenge Forum 2014 - New Orleans

Please join us at the following events Growing Your Business with The Leadership Challenge® Skill-Building Breakout Session Conde/Frontenac on Thursday, June 19 at 1:30 pm Presented by KJ Jenison (Advisor, Integris Performance Advisors) and Jill Schellenberger (Director of Business Development, Loeb...

The Journey Continues - Learning Pod

Join your colleagues for ongoing learning! Regular and ongoing discussion with colleagues is one of the very best ways to explore leadership and how to apply it to your everyday situation. Use any of these activities to spark a discussion, motivate others to action and inspire yourself!

The Journey Continues - Individual Discovery

Accelerate your own leadership development! We know that self-directed learning is a powerful motivator. Here are many ideas you can explore as you "unleash the leader within."

The Journey Continues - Resources

Extend your learning circle Investigate any of these resources to help you increase your understanding and practice in leading others.

The Four Dimensions of Lean Culture - WCMA

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Why Should I Use the LPI® 360 vs. Other Assessment Tools?

Building a Solid Foundation: Leadership At All Levels Developing confident Leadership At All Levels is proven to make a difference through personal growth, team camaraderie and healthy organizational culture change while focusing on driving growth through the bottom line. The LPI® is the only leader...

The Benefits of Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) 360

Human Resource Professionals The online ordering system for the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) 360 is designed with the corporate trainer in mind. A streamlined, easy to use process allows quick and timely purchases of the LPI®, giving you more time to focus on the people you work with and l...

Timing The Purchase Of Your LPI 360s

When To Purchase LPI 360s The  journey towards excellent leadership begins when you’re given the gift of empowerment, and the first step is to assess your strengths and weaknesses by understanding how often you and every leader within your organization practices a key set of behaviors.

Integris Announces Platinum Sponsorship of The Leadership Challenge Forum 2013

 Integris is proud to announce that we're a Platinum Sponsor for this year's Leadership Challenge® Forum on July 25 & 26, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona!

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